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3D printing development prospects

Date of release:2018-11-14 Author: Click:

Field extension

The advantages of 3D printing were fully applied in the field of biomedicine in 2011, and the concept of direct printing of biological tissue using 3D printing is increasingly respected. More typical, including the Open3DP Innovation Group, announced the success of 3D printing for printing bone tissue, and the technology for making human bone tissue using 3D printing technology has matured; a research team at Harvard Medical School has successfully developed a biological Cell-printing devices; in addition, attempts to print human organs in 3D are also under investigation.

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With the diversification of 3D printing materials and the innovation of printing technology, 3D printing not only has extraordinary development potential in the traditional manufacturing industry, but also its charm extends to food manufacturing, clothing luxury, film and television media and education. An area that is closely related to people's lives.

Speed increase

In terms of speed breakthrough, in 2011, the speed of personal use of 3D printers has exceeded the limit of wire feeding speed of 300mm per second, reaching 350mm per second. In terms of volume breakthrough, the 3D printer is suitable for different industries, and it also has a variety of choices of "light" and "large size".

Platform innovation

Based on the trend of popularization of 3D printing, the design platform of 3D printing is developing from professional design software to simple design applications. Among the more mature platforms are 3D Tin, a 3D design platform based on WEB. In addition, Microsoft, Google and other software industry giants 3D printing applications based on various open platforms have also been introduced, which greatly reduces the threshold of 3D design. Even some applications have allowed ordinary users to design 3D models in a way similar to playing blocks.

Realistic color

The creation of 3D printers is quite beautiful in addition to the rich colors.

The maximum resolution of most creations is 100 microns. But we were able to print at 25 micron resolution, creating a very smooth surface. Print out objects that are realistic in color and without any burrs. One of the interesting extensions is home use, which can be printed when you want a light bulb or anything with a plastic stand. Home users can also use printers to print toys and things they need on the go. The 25 micron resolution even allows you to print dentures with enough solid material.

Science fiction becomes reality

The professional equipment that appeared in the Hollywood masterpiece "The Zodiac" is the popular 3D printing technology. For the products that used to be in the experimental stage, for the era of rapid development of technology, there are already domestic brands that have launched 10,000 yuan. The internal 3D printer product was also displayed in the first 3D printer experience hall in Beijing.

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