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How to distinguish 3D printing consumables from good and bad?

Date of release:2018-11-12 Author: Click:

With the further maturity of 3D printer technology, more and more people use desktop-level 3D printers, and related 3D printing consumables are also hot, so how do we identify the quality of consumables? The following is the rich hand model combined with material experts for material development The experience and summary, sorted out for everyone to share.

There are several major quality issues with the quality of 3D printing consumables.

3D printer material.jpg

1. Material quality of raw materials; fluidity and viscosity are the two most important indicators; secondly, whether some chemical changes occur in the processing of raw materials.

2. Consumables accuracy. Mainly whether the consumables can be controlled within the tolerance range.

3. Whether the consumable contains impurities.

The user is not professional, so the identification of consumables is mainly observed from the following aspects.

1. Visual observation.

1. Please open the seal and carefully observe whether there is any color difference in the consumables;

2. Carefully observe whether there are tiny bubbles inside the inside;

If the 3.3d printing consumables are transparent, please carefully observe whether the color of the material is uniform; under normal circumstances, the color is uneven, indicating that the consumables have undergone some changes during production.

4. Whether the wire has black or other colored spots.

The naked eye observation is the most basic. After mastering the basics, Xiaobian suggests that you learn advanced skills. After understanding the reason of accuracy, even the same 3D printer can greatly improve the accuracy problem.

2. Print and observe the quality of 3d printing consumables.

1. Observe the uniformity of the printed lines of the substrate. A typical printer has to make a substrate at the beginning of printing to observe the uniformity of the nozzle on the substrate. Under normal circumstances, it is more uniform and the consumable accuracy is controlled within the range.

2. Listen to the sound judgment. If the consumables are in normal operation, the gear feeding device will make a "beep" sound if the consumables are not uniform.

3. Print to determine the quality of the consumables. Observe the uniformity of the internal structure of the consumables during printing. Whether there are problems such as bubbles or spots.

Three.3d printing consumables accuracy.

1. Hand test accuracy. Pull out the 1-2 meter long consumables, gently clamp the consumables with your thumb and forefinger, and then slowly pull the consumables. If the consumables are uneven in thickness or the surface of the consumables is not smooth, the feel is easily perceived.

2. Instrument testing. Use a digital vernier caliper to measure whether it is within the control tolerances.

3. Measurement method. Measured within the length of 1-2 meters, the tolerance of the test wire diameter is uniform; at each test point, the range of 3-4 circumferences is measured by one rotation, mainly to measure whether the wire is "circular", that is: whether the wire diameter is controlled effectively. 

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