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Advertising industry application - 3D printed letters

Date of release:2018-11-12 Author: Click:

3D printer has a unique cost advantage in single-piece small batch production, especially suitable for the production of souvenir and advertising letters with complex structure. It can not only realize the integrated printing of 3D printing letters, without cutting, bending, slotting and welding. Processes and manpower, as well as polishing, can also be personalized, and can be produced according to your own needs. In recent years, the most popular is the advertising industry. With the diversification of promotion models, innovative products want to let more people know more quickly, then you need to rely on the power of advertising, and the emergence of 3D printers, let advertising To become more dynamic, let's share some details about how 3D printers can change the future of the advertising industry.

Luminous PLA .jpg

 The 3D printing luminous word is combined with the traditional luminous word making process and 3D printing technology, new material technology, intelligent manufacturing technology and other optimization integration. The advertising luminous characters produced by 3D printing are beautiful and generous, the production is quick and simple, and the labor cost is small. The 3D printed borders will be fully integrated, more beautiful than the seamless welding under the precision technology, and the bends will be more standard than the hand-made.

It turns out that the technology of 3D printing advertising letters has made us a huge surprise. We can find that using 3D printer printing logo can not only be personalized, processed according to creativity, but also has many other advantages:

    1. The material cost is extremely low.

    2. Save a lot of labor costs.

    3, no need to paint, save the process.

    4, can shine.

    5, can make very small letters.

    6, rich in color.

    7. The material is more environmentally friendly, reduces mercury, and has good cold resistance and performance.

3D printing letters have great advantages, and the technology presented by this technology can give customers the most intuitive and high-quality visual experience. And this disruptive technology will inject new vitality into the advertising label industry.

In addition to the high return rate in advertising logos, 3D printing technology can fully express its own charm in the advertising, advertising, advertising and advertising advertising industries: commercial home 3D printers can make decorations for outdoor or indoors. Renovation to make the product and store decoration style consistent; use 3D printing to create a 3D model with image features to promote and guide consumers. For the illuminating advertising words, 3D printing has the characteristics of labor saving, low cost, many changes, strong sense of science and technology, etc., which can easily solve the problem that the tricky and even the traditional methods can not solve in the customized advertising label.

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