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Reasons and treatment of blocking card machine

Date of release:2018-11-12 Author: Click:

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a. Please make sure that the Z-axis height is set correctly. It should not be too close to the hot bed. When the hot bed is pressed out of the line, the line will quickly block the nozzle because the line does not come out. Even if it is not blocked immediately, it will be printed later. In the process, the long-term lines will be blocked because they are too thin.

b. After the line is printed, try not to leave the line in the extruder for a long time. The plastic will thermally decompose and carbonize under long-term high temperature conditions, and the nozzle will be blocked. Therefore, the temperature will be automatically cleared when the model is finished. , please keep the nozzle temperature to 230 or 210 again and withdraw the line.

When withdrawing the line, be sure to keep the line clean and withdraw without residue. Any residue may cause unsuccessful feeding or card machine.

C. Freshman, who just got started, advises not to leave the printer for automatic printing. Although each model takes a long time, generally familiarize the machine and materials before performing “unattended” printing.

d. Do not squeeze at 210 or 230 degrees below the material operating temperature, otherwise it will be easy to block.

e. The process of feeding from the feed to the nozzle, from the nozzle to the upper there is a heated state of the conduit, and the gear is meshed with the feed tube, which is the soft and hard contact surface, if your extruder has X or Y Axis movement, if the card machine is shaken because of the shaking process (the characteristics of the shaking process card machine is that the feeding process will stop feeding, but re-withd, and the feeding again returns to normal), it is recommended that the two of the extruder The key parts of hot and cold and soft and hard contact are tightened and positioned.

f. If it is the feeding system of the gear holding the nozzle, please pay attention to whether the feeding motor is overheated, the PLA will be softened when the PLA is 60 degrees or ABS is 100, and the softened line gear will be stuck between the gears.

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