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3D printing supplies instructions and precautions (Part 1)

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Precautions for using the printer:

Common tools: set of hex bolts, shovel/blade, tweezers, scissors, vernier caliper, sharp needle

1. The first thing to get the wire, pay attention to whether there are impurities in the line, black spots, please be sure to have a vernier caliper or thickness gauge, use the vernier caliper to randomly measure some values from each roll line to get the diameter of the line. And distribution, to know the number of hearts; please pay attention to the effect of the thickness of the line, for 1.75mm, the machine's acceptance range is 1.6-1.85, too large or too small will affect the printing performance, too large may not be able to feed smoothly, the general line can be normal Entering from the inlet port indicates that the diameter of the wire is acceptable to the machine. If it is too small, the gear clamp will not be tight, slippery, and it is difficult to cut.

In addition, you should hold the line with your hand and feel the thickness, bag or slap. Pay attention to whether the surface of the line is rough and peeling, and look at the light to see if there is unevenness.

2. Flatten the line and extend it into the extruder inlet. Touch the gear slightly. The first thing to open the extruder is to fully preheat the hot bed and nozzle. It is not recommended to directly load the model to automatically heat and then print. (This may block the machine jam), from the control dialog box, you can see that the hot bed and nozzle temperature have all risen to the position, and after stabilization, start feeding and extruding a piece of line material, squeeze a few more sections to see if it is under The material is normal. If it can't be without extrudate, it should be withdrawn and then extruded. If the machine will automatically cool after extrusion, please continue to control the hot bed and nozzle setting temperature. It is recommended that the ABS hot bed temperature be 110 degrees. The PLA thermal bed is subject to availability, with an ABS nozzle of 230 degrees and a PLA nozzle of 210 degrees.

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