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ABS plastic molding properties

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1.Amorphous material, medium fluidity, large moisture absorption, must be fully dried, plastic parts with glossy surface requirements must be preheated and dried for 80-90 degrees for 3 hours;

2.It is advisable to take high material temperature and high mold temperature, but the material temperature is too high to be easily decomposed (decomposition temperature is >270 degrees). 3.For high precision plastic parts, the mold temperature should be 50-60 degrees, high gloss. Piece, the mold temperature should be 60-80 degrees;

4.If you need to solve the water trap, you need to improve the fluidity of the material, adopt high material temperature, high mold temperature, or change the water level.

5.If the heat-resistant grade or flame-retardant grade material is formed, the plastic decomposition product will remain on the surface of the mold after 3-7 days of production, resulting in the surface of the mold being bright, and the mold needs to be cleaned in time, and the surface of the mold needs to be increased in exhaust position;

6.The cooling speed is fast, the mold casting system should be thick and short. It is advisable to set a cold material hole, and the gate should be large, such as: direct gate, disc gate or fan gate, etc., but the internal stress should be prevented from increasing. Adjustable gates are available if necessary. The mold should be heated, and wear-resistant steel should be used;


7.The material temperature has a great influence on the quality of the plastic parts. If the material temperature is too low, the material will be short of material, the surface will be dull, the temperature of the silver wire will be too high, and the temperature will be too high, and the silver wire will appear, and the plastic parts will be discolored and foamed.

8.The mold temperature has a great influence on the quality of the plastic parts. When the mold temperature is low, the shrinkage rate, elongation, impact strength, bending resistance, compression resistance and tensile strength are low. When the mold temperature exceeds 120 degrees, the plastic parts are cooled slowly, the mold is easily deformed, the mold release is difficult, and the molding cycle is long;

9.The molding shrinkage rate is small, melt cracking is easy to occur, and stress concentration occurs, so the molding conditions should be strictly controlled during molding, and the plastic parts should be annealed after molding;

10.The melting temperature is high, the viscosity is high, and it is not sensitive to the shearing effect. For plastic parts larger than 200g, the screw type injection machine should be used, the nozzle should be heated, and the open type extension nozzle should be used, and the injection speed is high speed.

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