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1、Why do you supply only 10 several limited number of colors filaments?

We currently offer all the colors filaments at the online store, we have been devoted to put on new products --- supply of varieties and colors. Our current focus is to maintain our online products are in stock to avoid out of stock in the sales process of the phenomenon. As time goes on, we will continue to put on new colors, it requires your feedback! If you are looking for materials and colors you wanted, please refer to our color scheme and custom services. Please contact us.

It is important to mention that some plastics are translucent or transparent where others are opaque.  Generally speaking, ABS is opaque, with the exception of natural ABS which has a milky, slightly (very slightly) translucent appearance.  For the most part, any color of PLA may be offered as transparent, translucent, or opaque.

2、Is there a discount for bulk purchase?

Yes. Just fill out the form in bulk sales and email to us about the details about your organization, 3d printing filaments general usage and application of project you applied, we will be happy to serve you.

3、We are a school research organization. Can you accept small orders?

Yes, we can. We are very willing to cooperate with educational institutions, colleges and universities, and the quality of our wire products is very suitable for scientific research and teaching, ensuring excellent use and safety. At the same time, we sincerely hope that our wire rod can help the scientific research and education industry, and look forward to working with you!

4、 How will I find your product release?

Please always pay attention to our latest news, we will release our new products, information, and other useful information resources from time to time. We accept specific custom orders, please feel free to contact us.

5、Do you offer in addition to the number of spools than 1KG?

Generally, 3D ELEMENTS supplies 3D printing filaments by weight, the specification is 1KG for each reel.

We can provide a large reel mounted filaments more than 1KG special packaging orders. Quantity up to 100 kg can be tailored to customer requirements (including product customization and packaging specifications customized) specific requirements, please fill out the form in the customized services. We will contact with you upon request after receiving customized services

6、What is the choice of diameter?

There are two common diameters of 3D Printer plastic filament, 1.75mm and 3mm.  Your Personal 3D Printer is likely to use one of these.  Each printer (or to be more specific, each extruder) is designed to work with one diameter of plastic filament and will not work with the other.

Checking your printers listed specifications or documentation to see which it uses. If you can’t find any indications of the diameter in those places, please contact with us! If your printer came with some filament, you can also measure the filament to determine which of the two it is.

Some printers may use proprietary diameters that are slightly different from above. Please make sure your printer can use filament from suppliers other than your printer manufacturer.  Likewise, if you’re shopping for a printer right now, make sure to buy one that uses standard materials so you have more choice when it comes to suppliers.

7、How do you control the product quality?

We closely monitor the production, to ensure every products are up to standard and won’t affect the printing effects. Feel free to contact us.

8、ABS is stronger than PLA?

Although many people will claim that ABS is stronger than PLA, we haven't found them to be substantially different.  PLA is more brittle than ABS and will tend to splinter and break where ABS may tend to bend, but similar force is required for either to fail. It is more likely that you will find your print settings to be a bigger contributor to the strength of printed objects than the plastic you're using (at least between PLA and ABS). Insufficient infill density, too few shells, delamination and related problems may make your object weak even though the material itself is relatively strong.  If your objects feel too flimsy or break too easily try upping infill, adding shells, and tweaking your temperature and speed to try to get better adhesion between layers before you write off your plastic.